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Mallory Park Fisheries is often described as a Jewel in the Leicestershire landscape. On our two sites we have a total of 12 fishing lakes and over a dozen wildlife ponds. The four fishing lakes that are in and around the Mallory Park race circuit are complemented by a further eight lakes at the Glebe, which is our 36 acre showcase site located just a couple of miles up the road from Mallory Park. The Glebe is a haven for wildlife and its fishing has been described as the best in England.

Seven of the lakes at the Glebe hold a gold accreditation from the Fisheries Accreditation Scheme. This accreditation recognises the high standards that we maintain, both in the quality of our fish and in all aspects of their environment.

We are a members only club, with no day tickets, and we provide a secure and peaceful environment for you to see which of our many species of fish you can catch. Most of the lakes at the Glebe are single bank fishing and, whether you prefer big fish or lots of fish, we have waters that will keep you smiling all day.

Our season runs from 1st June until 31st March and throughout that time we hold a number of very popular weekly matches. We also host a range of annual national events, such as the ACA Masters, the Schools National, and Fishathon, all of which allow you to rub shoulders with some of the country's angling legends.

Roy Marlow.

Please use this website to find out more about what we offer and I hope to be welcoming you to our wonderful fishery in the near future.

Roy Marlow.