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ELF AND SAFETY We have just received an urgent update from our First Responder Barry the Bagger who is also an Elf and Safety Instructor. “As most people know I am a first Responder fully trained to cope with any emergencies including bio and chemical weapons among most other things. During the last few weeks I have worked on a risk assessment plan for our most famous member Mr Dippy Ward. I had the misfortune to be pegged next to him the other week and after that event I realised how serious the situation was. The committee always tells members to keep an eye on him because without doubt he does require constant adult supervision. Having worked on this plan for several days here are my conclusions :- 1. Anyone pegged opposite him must wear a safety helmet.This became apparent when Mr Ward demolished the hide between pools 6 & 7 with his sea fishing lead. 2. I am working on a harness to fit Mr Ward that will have a substantial rope attached via a post behind his peg so that he cannot fall..

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Good Evening Everyone, We had 24 members attend today’s match. Despite a easterly wind, everyone has had a nice days fishing. Especially full time anglers Stu Johnstone & Mick Lees pictured after the match today. Stu drew peg 21 on lake 1 & put 92lb 3oz on the scales, starting on the long pole with soft pellet before a switch to 5m in the last hour again on soft pellet to win today’s match. Not far behind was Mick Lees who fished bomb & bread before switching to bomb & pellet to weigh 83lb 9oz from peg 85 on lake 5. Special mentions must must go to Albert Bray who caught 70lb 2oz of skimmers in his 73lb 15oz from peg 18 on lake 1 & also Stu Johnstone & Gordon Parker for looking after Dippy Ward today who blew yet another match winning peg today in the shape of peg 24 on lake 1, think that’s match winning peg number 510 he’s now messed up. The lowest section winning weight today was 60lb 15oz, so the fish are starting to wake up. Not to mention the venue had cat ice on some pegs..

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UPDATES AND THANK YOU Good evening everyone & Dippc Ward, The Committee would like to thank our first responder Barry the Bagger and Toni for looking after Dippy Ward last Sunday. They were pegged either side of him on lake 6 and made certain he was all right. Barry and TonI are very caring people and the Committee would like to further thank them both for going the extra mile. Mr Dippy received a very nice letter through the post offering him a special care package from a very well known care company that specialises in looking after elderly members of our community that require specialist help. Thanks to Barry and TonI for making the contact with these specialists and other organisations. Mr Ward was taken back by the said letter and the Committee feels that good deeds like this should be made public. Once again, thank you Barry and Toni Rowlands.

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