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AND THE WINNERS ARE………. Good Evening Everyone & Pino, Firstly thanks to everyone who entered our Christmas Caption competition. The committee (Andy Kinder) has had great difficulty in coming to a decision on who has won the prizes. Andy has informed the sub-committee and also given the reasons for his decisions. Everyone knows Andy Kinder is not hurtful to anyone but the sub-committee has had to tone down one or two of his comments for P.C. reasons as they considered some of them to be a little too hurtful. Off the record, I was actually taken back by some of the hurtful comments from Andy Kinder. In fact some of these comments could not be shared. However, one of the less hurtful ones was that Andy Kinder was also considering awarding a booby prize & this was 2 days with Dippy but as the Fishery Owner, I stepped in yet again to protect him. So onto the prize winners & in no particular order :- * 1 The first prize is a day out with our very own Mr Dippy Ward who is considered a world..

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IMPORTANT NEWS – DIPPY FAILS AGAIN This will not come as a big surprise to many of you, but yesterday Dave “Dippy” Ward failed again to deliver the goods from peg 69 on lake 4. Everyone knows that he does a great job of running the Sunday members matches, but is this added responsibility impacting on his angling performances or is it because he’s not very good ? Barry Cocks proved yesterday that you can help run the match & also catch plenty of fish. So as you would expect, we are very concerned about Dippy. As always Assistant Fishery Manager, Ross Nursey stated and we quote “that at least Dippy is now consistent”. Whilst Fishery Owner, Roy Marlow, was busy with the working party on lake 3 & 9 yesterday, he did not get to see Dippy in action on peg 69, but Brian Envis went to talk to him and we quote “his swim was black”. For those of you wanting to buy his what’s certain to be a best seller, Mr Wards new book is going on and on. It will be serialised and a boxed set…

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Earlier today we had 20 members in attendance on the latest members match at The Glebe. Today Mr Ward drafted in the help of Baz Cocks with running the match. So we had 4 sections of 5 anglers on Lakes 4,5,6&7. It gives us great pleasure to announce today’s match winner was Barry Cocks who was left with peg 85 on lake 5. Bennett‘s Bait & Tackle of Mountsorrel backed Barry fished bomb & bread tight over to catch 19 Carp for a superb winning weight of 95lb 3oz. Here are a couple of pictures of Barry from today along with the weigh sheets. Sorry about the writing but it was cold & Mr Wards hand was shaking. Behind him on lake 4 peg 73 was his good friend Simon Skelton backed by Maver & Dynamite Baits who caught on a variety of methods to weigh 83lb 1oz from peg 73 but on the day he was no match for Mr Cocks. Third today was the in form Toni Rowlands who put together 71lb 2oz from peg 99 on lake 7 on the bomb & bread. As for Mr Ward’s effort from peg 69 on lake 4, at least he did better..

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