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Lake Bookings for July 2018 Dear Members, It has been a great start to our season. We have had, and still have a few problems with the bottom car park but these are being resolved. It’s not a simple task, so thanks for your understanding. The car park is perfectly safe but not finished. The fishing has been outstanding on every lake, pool 9 is proving to be fantastic and when it matures it will also look great. Shrub planting will take place this autumn. Sincere thanks to everyone who has donated to this lake, it has cost far more than the original budget but it is excellent. We have received a considerable donation from one of our members Harry Warren, in addition to the platform plaques we will have a lake name plaque. I plan to have an official presentation to Harry later in the year. From then on the lake will be called “Harrys” The wild life continues to flourish, several rare species have been sighted including a Golden Orial. The water Vole population is down nationally. But..

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FISHERY UPDATE Its been a great start to our season. Its been very hard work trying to finish the new Glebe pool 9, it’s finished and fishing brilliantly. The grass is slowly growing so please use common sense and keep off it if the ground is wet and boggy. The lower car park is still not finished it has been a nightmare caused by a leak from pool 9, it is anticipated that it will be finished by the end of the month. All of the lakes are fishing very well, if you are not sure where to fish just give me a ring and I will try to help. WILDLIFE The Glebe abounds with wildlife, this week we have a confirmed sighting of a Golden Oriole this is possibly Britain’s rarest bird. A few years ago my wife Sue also saw one. Loads of other species some not that common. Please see photo. Please keep a look out for any predators and phone me if you see any. Cormorants, Mink (not Herons). SPECIAL THANKS One of our members has given us some really nice steel lake signs I am afraid I have forgotten his name,..

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Photos from The Glebe and Mallory Park Fisheries's post

Good Evening All, Its Dippy Ward here, unfortunately Ken Evans is struggling to fish every week so he’s put me in charge of running the summer series of members matches. So please be gentle with me as it’s a lot of work to ensure things run smoothly. We had 45 members attending today’s match. So we had 20 on lake 1, 6 on lake 4,5&6 with 7 on lake 7. Most of us struggled to put a run of fish together early. One of the front runners was expected to be Richard Bedder who had drawn 88 on lake 6. But unfortunately he failed yet again to deliver, I am willing to offer him some coaching as the whole point is to try to catch a few & to weigh 61lb when either side have caught 85lb & 87lb tells me he needs to get some practice in rather than going feather chucking or casting them little lures or spinners for 4oz Perch. Anyway, back to today’s results. Lake 5 fished brilliant producing the top 2 in the match. Andy Boffin on peg 85 was delivering a shallow masterclass before switching to his..

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