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Photos from The Glebe and Mallory Park Fisheries's post

Good Evening All, As most of you would have seen, Mr Ward achieved his target yesterday by finishing second in his section of 5 anglers. Well the secret is out. He’s been putting in hours of practice as you can see from this photographic evidence taken by his Daughter Ju Ward. In fact we have already got a few anglers asking for one of these to help improve upon recent performances. In fact Barry “The Bomber” Cocks had a practice before yesterday’s match & ended up winning his lake. Here is what Barry said. “This game really helped me get my tactics spot on & without it I would have struggled to weigh 10lb, in the end my 84lb was all down to Mr Ward’s Fishing Game. He shared with me his approach & I then applied this during the match so thanks Mr Ward.” Due to Mr Ward’s excellent performance yesterday, he will not be asked to stand up before this Sunday’s members match apologising for yet another below par performance. So we already have our eyes on a couple of candidates..

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Photos from The Glebe and Mallory Park Fisheries's post

Good Evening All, We had 33 members attend the round 8 of Mr Wards expertly run winter league today. Some lakes proved to be harder than others & it was a day to think outside the box. Dean Revill did just this putting together 127lb 5oz to easily win today’s match from peg 101 on lake 7 catching most of his fish just off the far bank on the waggler. Second today was Mick Lees from peg 11 on lake 1 who caught steadily on the long pole with soft pellets & feeder to weigh 103lb. Third today was Andy Boffin who weighed 85lb 8os from peg 13 on lake 1 catching on the feeder & the long pole. Just ahead of Barry The Bomber Cocks who bounced back after 2 bad results winning lake 5 with 84lb 15os from peg 79. Welcome back Barry, we knew it was only a matter of time. Here are the weigh sheets from today along with a photo of our worthy match winner Dean. Round 9 is next Sunday, all members welcome to join us. Lake 6&7 will be out of action. So watch this space for an update on what lakes will be..

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Good Evening Everyone, The weekend is nearly upon us & no doubt you are all ready to get some fishing done. We just can’t keep our Winter League match organiser out of the news. This photo says it’s all really. Just to recap, last Sunday’s abysmal display, until Roy Marlow came & sat with Dippy Ward to talk him through exactly what to do, Dippy was looking at another last on lake off a match winning peg from the middle of lake 4. He never even said thanks for the advice. So yet again Dippy will be asked to stand up & apologise to everyone at this Sunday’s members match.

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